Daughter and Wife Both Addicted to Doctor Prescribed Pain Meds

Rapid Detox helped my family recover from addiction.

It's been a year and a half now since my daughter, and a year and three months since my wife were both rehab from pain meds that were all legally prescribed by a Doctor who has now lost her right to practice. I'm very thankful to you and your crew for giving them their lives back.

For those who may be reading this trust me from a family who knows Rapid Detox can help. I won't candy coat anything because it has to be something you want to do, but if you want a new life talk to those wonderful caring people. My daughter went from not making classes to pulling a 4.0 in her graduate studies in BioTech. She is now doing cancer research in a children's hospital.

One more thing before I go, if you are wondering if you are an addict and think it's impossible because your doctor is keeping you on these drugs, you are very likely drug dependant (an addict). The daughter had a broken back and the wife was told she had Fibromyalgia. It seems strange that my wife is better now than she has been in a number of years and although the daughter still has pain from the broken back she gets by with Nuproxin or Tylenol.

If you need someone to talk to about this, who has nothing to do with them except having seen their good work you may use the e-mail below and I'll answer anyone who is serious about treatment.


"I became a consistent, everyday opiate drug user. Having tried on my own to become drug free, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid drug detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure..."

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