Anesthesia FAQ

Q. What are the differences between anesthesia for 1 hour verses 4-8 hours?
A. The RDD Method of Anesthesia Detoxification takes just 1 hour which is far safer than being under anesthesia 4-8 hours. Lengthy anesthesia is absolutely unnecessary for this procedure. Cases longer than 4 hours have a higher risk of complications. After 4 hours the risk of anesthesia itself becomes a factor independent of the anesthesiologist. Complications to the lungs, circulatory system and chance of blood clots increase to a point where the doctor must weigh the risks and benefits carefully.

Q. What makes anesthesia detox safe?
A number of factors have contributed to the overall safety of anesthesia for the rapid detoxification procedure. These factors include admittance to a surgical facility, experienced and knowledgeable "Board Certified" physicians present for the detox procedure, the short duration of the actual amount of time under anesthesia, access to proper medications and equipment used in the Operating Room, and overall expert medical care and continued monitoring that patients receive in an O.R. For example, the anesthesiologist is responsible for your overall health and safety from the start of your anesthesia detox treatment until you leave the Operating Room to be transferred to the recovery room. The anesthesiologist makes sure that all the anesthesia equipment is working properly before you undergo anesthesia. The anesthesiologist knows what to do if a problem occurs. The anesthesiologist will be with you throughout your detoxification treatment, watching and monitoring you carefully. The anesthesiologist also continuously watches a number of monitors while in the O.R. that measures many of the things to ensure your safety while you are being detoxed under anesthesia. Should there be any complications, your anesthesiologist will respond quickly, having been fully trained in managing emergencies. This is why it is necessary to have knowledgeable medical staff along with all the modern state-of-the-art equipment readily available in a modern Operating Room that only a facility can provide.

"I became a consistent, everyday opiate drug user. Having tried on my own to become drug free, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid drug detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure..."

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