Naltrexone Therapy

The RDD Center is the only anesthesia detox center that offers the non-addicting, opiate blocking Naltrexone Therapy in 3 different dosage forms.*

RDD Center gives the patient the choice of Naltrexone Therapy in 3 different dosage forms. We offer a Naltrexone Subcutaneous Pellet/Implant. This small 'pill-sized pellet' is placed just under the skin in the lower abdomen, at the time the patient is under anesthesia. The Naltrexone implant/pellet will release the opiate blocking medication, as it completely dissolves and disappears over a 3-month period. We also we offer a sustained release injectable "IM" shot that will release the medication over a 1 month period and the daily oral "pill form" of Naltrexone. The Naltrexone injection, or pellet delivery systems are mandatory for Methadone and Suboxone®/Subutex patients due to the long half-life of these drugs. Upon discharge, each patient will receive a 12-month prescription to be filled at his or her local pharmacy. We highly recommend the injection delivery system, which is given in the O.R. post detox due to patient compliance, comfort and ease of delivery. Naltrexone is FDA approved as an opiate blocking medication, (not to be confused with Suboxone®/Subutex; Buprenorphine, which are partial opiates). Naltrexone is non-addicting and does not cause withdrawal in any way. Naltrexone is recommended as part of the RDD Center's aftercare program for rapid anesthesia detox, as it helps to reduce cravings and temptations, and prevents any feeling from an ingested opiate by blocking the uptake of an opiate drug on the opiate receptors. Naltrexone has a very strong binding affinity to the opiate receptors and once the anesthesia detox procedure is completed this will ensure continued sobriety as long as you are on Naltrexone.

Only Methadone and Suboxone®/Subutex patients are required to have the 30-day Naltrexone injection or 90-day pellet delivery system due to the extreme length of time Methadone and Suboxone®/Subutex remains in the body fat, liver, etc. The Naltrexone Injection will constantly be releasing the blocking medication for 30 days, unlike a pill that must be taken every day. This will ensure that the residual opiate drugs will not re-attach to the clean opiate receptors, which would happen if a patient were to forget a daily pill. If the patient were to use opiates while medicated with Naltrexone, they would not experience the effects of the drug. An opiate cannot attach to the opiate receptors due to Naltrexone occupying the opiate receptors as a blocking agent but it is NOT full proof when attempting to take very high doses. Naltrexone is not an opiate, is non-addictive and does not cause withdrawal when stopped.

The Naltrexone Pellet/Implant will entirely dissolve and disappear in 3 months. The Naltrexone Injectable will last for 1 month. The pill form of Naltrexone is taken once daily.

RDD Center recommends that Naltrexone medication be continued for a full year to ensure long-termsobriety, which gives the patient the best chance for learning how to deal with life without opiates. Whichever form of Naltrexone the patient chooses, they will be given a prescription for oral Naltrexone for at least 1 year, which they can get from their local pharmacy.

Naltrexone Therapy has been a major reason for many of our patient's continued success. Some of our patients will come back every 1 to 2 months for another implant or injection. Patients like the security this provides. Most are amazed at the lack of cravings for opiates while using Naltrexone. Another benefit our patients may find when taking Naltrexone is that it may reduce the cravings for sweets, high-fat foods such as cookies, chocolate, cake and ice cream.

Naltrexone Therapy can only be started when a person has been detoxed under anesthesia and 'clean' from all opiates. Use of Naltrexone while actively using an opiate or still experiencing withdrawal would cause extreme pain and suffering for the patient. New patients wanting just Naltrexone Therapy must detox 'cold turkey' on their own and have remained off of all opiates for at least 14-28 days, depending on the specific opiate use. These patients are very few because most cannot endure the suffering of a 'cold turkey' detox and find it hard to stay 'clean' for the required time.

* Pellet therapy - additional $450

WARNING: Patients need to be aware that using opiate drugs with the use of Naltrexone could cause serious health problems and trying to use increased amounts of opiate drugs to "override" the blocking effects of Naltrexone could even cause overdose and death.

"I became a consistent, everyday opiate drug user. Having tried on my own to become drug free, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid drug detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure..."

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