Rapid Anesthesia Detox

Rapid anesthesia detoxification involves infusion of intravenous medications which quickly remove the opiate drugs from the opiate receptors in the body. The opiate receptors are where all opiate drugs attach, inducing the feeling of euphoria and pain relief. The specialized RDD opiate detoxification procedure eliminates the extreme pain and suffering associated with opiate withdrawal. Once the opiate drugs are removed from the receptors, the worst of withdrawal is over, all done under anesthesia in a licensed surgical facility by skilled "Board Certified" physicians with many years of experience.

The RDD Method® of opiate anesthesia detox was developed by RDD Center, a private, confidential drug-addiction treatment facility.

Only $7,800* can free you or a loved one from opiate addiction.

This is all-inclusive* and includes the following:

  • All pre-exams; blood work, physical, EKG, urinalysis, psychological evaluation
  • Admittance for the detox procedure in the O.R. of a licensed surgical facility
  • Detox treatment performed with strict adherence to RDD's safety protocol
  • I.V. vitamin and electrolyte infusions post detox to start the healing process
  • Lodging - hotel accommodations for at least 2 guests. Private hotel room provided for patients and family members or friends accompanying the patient for the 3 day stay
  • All Transportation shuttle services provided upon arrival
  • Post procedure medication
  • Naltrexone Therapy
  • Continuous monitoring by our medical professionals 24 hours a day for your entire stay at the hotel.
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Benefits of The RDD Method® include:

Once the opiates have been removed from the opiate receptors, the patient is clean and the worst of withdrawal is over. Our patients report that The RDD Method® eliminates most of the pain and suffering associated with typical opiate withdrawal.

It's quick. The opiate detox procedure occurs during approximately 60 minutes of light, general anesthesia.

All patients will be admitted into a licensed surgical facility and will be sedated and taken to the O.R. for the detoxification procedure. We are the only anesthesia detox facility that has 2 Board Certified physicians present for the entire detoxification procedure. After the detoxification treatment, patients will remain at the facility for at least 24 hours. Our patients will be resting while being monitored by a physician, circulating paramedics and one-on-one private duty bedside care for the entire night in the post recovery area.

It's exclusive. Because we are the only providers of The RDD Method®, our patients come to us from all over the country, as well as from around the world.

The RDD Method® of opiate anesthesia detox is not for everyone, nor should it be seen as a quick fix for serious drug dependency. Rather, it is a powerful first step toward a lifetime of freedom from addiction. So carefully consider all of your options, including calling the RDD Wellness Center to speak with an experienced, professional nurse or intake coordinator.

*Excludes any unforeseen needed diagnostic tests that may be deemed necessary per physician request.

"I became a consistent, everyday opiate drug user. Having tried on my own to become drug free, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid drug detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure..."

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