Husband of Actiq, Kadian, and Percocet Patient

Hello! I am Neil M., the husband of Ellen M., who visited your facility, and was treated – and came out CLEAN! – in March of this year.

So, I want – and need – to personally thank you for giving me back my wife. Since we met and began dating in 1990, she was always using some type of opiate, for various reasons.

  • Initially, for hand surgeries before we met (Percocet)
  • Then for migraines which became more frequent resulting in weekly self-injections of 100 mg Demerol
  • And shoulder surgeries
  • Nasal surgeries
  • Laperoscopies and laperotomies resulting in a hysterectomy and removal of one ovary
  • And, for seven plus years before her detox, she went through 30 plus surgeries for an ankle infection that almost resulted in the loss of her right leg. For these surgeries, she used Percocet, dilaudid, morphine, MS Contin, Oxycontin, and other opiates and finally was a constant user of the following daily opiates:
    • Kadian 120mg, 2x/day
    • Percocet 10 mg, 6x/day
    • Actiq (Morphine lollipops) 150 mcg, 6x/day

Her life was ruled and lead by what time it was – every 2 hours she was forced to reach for something. And by error – or was it? – just before coming to the RDD center, she missed two doses of Kadian in a row, resulting in a serious withdrawal. I had discovered your facility on the internet 18 months before then, and had spoken with Jeanne, and saved the information – and when these withdrawals happened, I gave her your number. She spoke with Jeanne, and we were on our way to Michigan 10 days later.

And the rest has become the start of our beautiful life together. She is ALIVE and in so many ways! – and just saying “thank you” surely is not enough.

But, again – Thank You!!

One day – soon, I hope – the medical field will realize that Naltrexone treatment is THE choice for detoxification. By the way, after he implant was fully dissolved, she did not take any Naltrexone daily, and has not used any pain relievers (except Tylenol once or twice) since. No migraines, and significantly less pain all over.

Please feel free to refer me – as a spouse of a treated patient – to others who may have questions or just want to talk.

Neil M.
New Jersey
Husband of Opiates Patient

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