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I don’t know what’s hitting me right now but I’m super thankful, so thanks again very much for everything. This whole sobriety thing is awesome!!!! Couldn’t be happier. When I try to fathom the enormity of my drug and alcohol problem that was with me 3 weeks ago and who I’ve become today it’s like night and day, (here’s my chef version oil and water) it just blows my mind, I thank you, everyone and that procedure!!! Life could be very different right now and everyday I’m thankful for my new life! Your awesome, thanks again!
– Mr. D

I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you at RDD. All the good I read online was accurate, I really feel like the hand of god reached out and removed all my evil addictions from my body, I can now focus on a clean and healthy lifestyle without taking the standard 30-60days for a conventional rehab. I was back at work at 6am this morning better than ever. I am spending 15 minutes a morning doing yoga and running atleast a mile on the treadmill, all things I used to do years ago before the pills. I admit I am a bit tired, but in my business as a chef I have been on my feet for 16 hours a day, 6 days a week in a hot kitchen for the last 18 years so I feel almost a 100%.

It all started with the sweet Jeannie that was so helpful, comforting, supportive, kind, encouraging and just so nice. I later found out I would never meet you, but from the bottom of my heart I thank you personally because if I had not had such a wonderful starter conversation with you I may have never traveled and undergone the procedure. You answered all my questions honestly with pride in your product. Thank you Jeannie where ever you are, your an angel.

Nurse Gloria was an amazing, caring, comforting and compassionate woman. Her leadership and High accolades of Nursing degrees defiantly shined through with her one on one patient care and delegation to other staff members. She ran that room like I would run a kitchen with 5 other chefs. You are also an angel and I will think of you very often as one of my life saviors.

Unfortunately due to sedation and meds I was unable to gather the names of all the other nurses that were helping and watching over all of us, but you all are rockstars on your own stage.

Dr. Huraibi is the man who I can attribute today to saving my life, my business and potentially my marriage. Unfortunately due to sedation I didn’t get to meet him until the hotel on Wednesday evening, I meant it when I hugged you said you saved my life, removed all the evil from my body and god bless you DR, you really run an amazing program that should receive more awards and accolades. You are the hand of god that is saving us one by one. I wish more people had access to this amazing procedure. I do understand that I was a little more resilient than others and quicker to recover but I pray for the rest to be well soon and stay clean.

Medic Jim is also someone who possesses a very compassionate, caring, straightforward and helpful persona. He tirelessly works towards accommodating each and every patients individual needs any time of the day or night. He probably doesn’t sleep much when he’s on duty but he is the guy that took care of us all at the hotel. His bedside manor and helpfulness is top notch. Their was another medic who I don’t remember his name, but he is also a champion.

I will honor all of you, your hard work and dedication to your medical craft by never returning to the evil that drugs once offered me. I had a rough 4 years and hit rock bottom many times. I am thankful that my last rock bottom lead me to Troy, Michigan of all places. I would of preferred somewhere warmer, but that’s the last of my worries.

Once again Jeannie, Nurse Gloria, Dr Huraibi, Medic Jim, and the rest of the staff from the bottom of my heart I thank you all, I will pray for myself and all of you and anyone else who blesses your office in need of help.

You changed my life no doubt about it, Thanks.”
– Stephen

Rapid Detox TestimonialsA TRIBUTE TO OUR PATIENTS: I am truly blessed to work with the people that come to our center for help. I feel privileged to give them hope and understanding in such a time of need. It is a pleasure to follow them from the very first phone call, through their recovery. Our patients are strong, brave, kind, sensitive and forever thankful. I cannot thank them enough for putting their trust in us and having the courage to come from all over the country to let us help them change their lives. They have made me realize it is a very important thing to extend oneself to truly help people so desperately in need. The rewards I receive from my patients are many. I will always be here for each and every one of you. I thank you for allowing us to put your stories on our website. You will never know what a positive effect your words of encouragement will have and how many lives your personal story may save.

Marketing Coordinator

Thank you so much for your help, then and now.
Thank you so much for your help, then and now. I’m trying to think of a way to pay it forward for my brother.
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9 years on Suboxone
I just wanted you to know that yesterday was my one year anniversary of being opiate free and that I’m doing well. Each month that goes by I find my body and brain chemistry are slowly but surely returning to my pre-opiate conditions.
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Extremely Proud/Happy to Report Celebrating her 3rd Year Sobriety”>
I brought my daughter to your offices three years ago (2014) this week. I am extremely proud/happy to report that she is now celebrating her third year anniversary of sobriety.
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31 Days Clean Thanks to You Guys
Howdy, Steve from Reno here, 31 days clean thanks to you guys. Great all the way around, other than the reason I was there.
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I no longer feel like an addict
I’m still recovering but feeling much much better and more importantly I no longer feel like an addict, I feel like I’ve been born again.
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Veteran Badly Addicted to Heroin
She was a Veteran who had suffered an amputation of her right leg. She was badly addicted to heroin.
Kim’s Mom, Heroin
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6 Years Sober of Methadone
It has been almost 6 years and I can’t begin to tell you how different my life is now and how differently it might have turned out had I not gotten clean and sober.
Cindy, Methadone, 6 Years
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I am free from Oxycontin
I just wanted to pass along my immense gratitude to you, your staff, and the facility. I was a patient in December of 2012, and I can say, with absolute certainty, that the Rapid Drug Detox Center saved my life
Catherine, Oxycontin, Canada
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I Feel Amazing in 5 Days
The whole experience is new. My whole life is new. I feel amazing in 5 days that would have taken 10 months to heal or still be addicted and using 200 mg of Methadone.
Maurice, 200 mg Methadone, Indiana
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You run an amazing program
I just wanted to say Thank You sooo much to you and your whole staff. You guys were so professional and run an amazing program. I left asking no questions because your team made everything so clear and understanding.
Chris, Heroin, Ohio
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580 ml of Opiates Daily
Following each and every surgery came more and more opiates.
Morphine and Oxycodone, New York
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I Was up to 180-210 mgs of Oxycodone a Day
I was up to 180-210 mgs of Oxycodone a day and then I found you. I’m am still drug free three years later!
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Y’all Do Some Miracle Work
My wife wants to thank you and the whole staff. Y’all do some miracle work up there.
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20 Pain Pills a Day for 7 Years
I have had a hard battle with pain pills taking 20 a day for over seven years which is hard to admit.
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You All Provided the Miracle of Life to My Son and Our Family
I wanted you and all the staff to know just how wonderful you are and how you all provided the miracle of life to my son and our family.
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You Are All Miracle Workers
Mark wanted me to send you a quick note to let you know that he is doing very well.
M.C. and Mom, Heroin 2Gm’s a day
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Same Person We Used to Know before Being Dependent on Drugs
Now he is the same person we used to know before being dependent on drugs, may be better after this experience.
Dr. A. G. MD
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I Will Forever Endorse Your Clinic
I just wanted to pass along my immense gratitude to you , your staff, and the facility.
Catherine, Oxycontin, Canada
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4 Year Opiate Addiction
It was by the grace of God that I found out about the program and it gave me my life back.
Mark, Opiates
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Thanks RDD!
I remember when I was there with my daughter…here are were my thoughts, etc. at that time of her detox.
Melanie, Methadone, Shelburne, NS
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1 Year Free of Suboxone
Just wanted to write to let all of you know that this April will be one year free of Suboxone.
Patrick, Suboxone, Washington, DC
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Addicted to 123 MG of Methadone
I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Chase is doing great. We got home (Alabama) yesterday.
Pam, Methadone, Alabama
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Addicted to 90 MG of Methadone
I was highly pleased with how well the process was to detox me and also your staff is extremely caring, especially Beth.
Ross, Methadone, Oregon
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Addicted to Roxicet for 5 Years
Welcome to the start of the next part of your life. I am a Dr. out of Atlanta that had been addicted to 1,2,3, Percocet then I progressed to Roxicet 30mg.
Russ, Roxicet, Georgia
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Stuck on Suboxone®for 6 Years
Hey Guys, SO Excited and encouraged to tears watching the news- You Tube- clip.. Outstanding..
Rebecca, Suboxone®, Rhode Island
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Moving Forward and Living Life Drug Free!!!
A whole year has passed last week and my husband is doing just great.
Patricia, Suboxone®
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It’s Been Almost One Year since I Came There
Still extremely grateful you guys helped me.
Darlene, Alabama, Methadone
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One of Our Patients Speaks out about Drug Detox-CBC & Global News-VIDEO
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We Were There Exactly 4 Months Ago for Detox…
just want to update you on he’s doing
Jessica, New York, Suboxone®4-8 mg. for 2 years
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I Thank God for My Life and I Thank God for You and Your Staff…
A week ago I was sitting in the airport feeling Like hell!!
Tom, California, Opana and Morphine
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I Cannot Believe That I Was Just Detoxed 5 Days Ago
While I Honestly do not know you and did not get to meet you,…
Thomas B., California, 12 years on Opana, Oxycodone,Morphine and Norco
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Everyone at RDD Treated Us like We Mattered…
Over a month ago I was at the end of my rope in trying to find help for my 19 year old Son.
Gina, Carson City, Nevada, Son on Heroin
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Very Tired but Feels so Good to Be Done and Free…
You have a 1st class operation up there..very impressed with everything.
Randy N., Methadone, 5 years and Ultram 2 years, Ohio
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I Was Addicted to Oxy Contin and Other Powerful Opiates for Five Years 
I was in a methadone clinic for six years, at a dosage of well over 220 mgs
Michael, 220 mg.s Methadone, 6 years, Maine
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Everything Is Going Very Well…
My health steadily improves and I feel like I have returned to the living.
M.R., Methadone 110 mg., 3 years, Washington
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I Just Wanted You to Know That I Am Doing Fine…
I just wanted you to know that I am doing fine. I am now not taking anything…with no cravings what-so-ever.
Stan, Heroin, Utah
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3 Years of Trying to Wean Son off of Methadone
3 years of trying to get the for-profit methadone dispensing business in town to work with my son to wean him off of their “product and services”.
Carol, Methadone 180mgs., 2.5 years, Colorado
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I Just Want to Say Thank You
I was detoxed there early September 2010 from over 500 mg of methadone.
H.C., Methadone, California
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He Is Doing Better and Better Every Day
Everything is great here. He is doing better and better every day.
J. F., New York, Suboxone®4-8 mg 2years
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I Just Wanted to Thank You and the Staff
for being such a wonderful support for helping us to get through this!
C.A. New York Suboxone®
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I Want to Thank Everyone at RDD 
I am very happy to all the people that worked with me at the time I was there.
MR. J. B. New Mexico Heroin
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Pills…I Destroy Homes, Tear Families Apart
I’m more costly than diamonds, more costly than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold
This Is from One of Our past Patient’s Mothers…Very Powerful!
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40 Years of Opiate Addiction
Wanted to thank you for the best medical staff and treatment I have ever experienced with a history of 40 yrs of opiate addiction off and on.
M.R., Washington, Methadone 110 mg. 3 years
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Thank You so Much for Helping Me Get My Life Back…
I don’t know how I can ever repay you.
J. G., Texas, Fentanyl and Dilaudid, 7 years
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Life Is Wonderful without Drugs
You have helped me realize that life is wonderful without drugs.
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800 MG of Oxy a Day with Percocet
This was the best thing we ever did for our family.
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I Just Wanted to Take the Time
After attempting to quit Suboxone®several times with no success,
Patrick, Suboxone®, Maryland
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Brian’s “Anniversary” Date
Brian’s ‘anniversary’ date is drawing near so I wanted to write you with an update. Brian is doing well.
C.J., Washington, Methadone
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We Consider Your Program to Be Nothing Less than a Miracle
A little over a year ago, my husband, daughter and I phoned to get information about your program.
T and J, Gina’s parents
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Thank You for Your Assistance
Just wanted to drop a quick note saying I think I’m gonna do it, actually I know I’m gonna do it. Got home last night.
Doug, Maine, Methadone
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$8700 Is Amazing
What you guys offer for $8700 is amazing. I got more from the experience of seeing other people get better than getting better myself.
J., Wisconsin, Tramadol
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Private Testimonial from a Spouse
The first 6 weeks after the treatment were tough with sleeplessness, no energy and no appetite but like magic it all subsided.
A Spouse, Suboxone®
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This Was the Quickest Way out of Hell
Thank you all!!!!…Dr. M, thank u and staff, for the perfect combo of compassion/Direct tough love!!
S.T., New Jersey, Oxycontin
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100 MG of Methadone for 8 Years
Our entire family truly appreciates what you do and all your help and so far he has done just wonderfully!!
Kathy, Michigan, Methadone
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You Saved My Life
Thank you for all that you do. You provide a great service and saved my life.
Larry, Florida, Suboxone®
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He Is Back to Being a Son Again
He goes to college, holds down a job and is back to being a son again- Bless you and Thank you
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5 Years on Methadone
I realize that even though the medications that I was taking were “legally” prescribed, I really could have done without.
Kris, Idaho, Methadone
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Three Years Clean
I can’t even begin to tell you how much my life has changed. All for the better. January 14th will be three years!
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There Is a Way out of Methadone
People are more likely better off with whatever they were addicted to before methadone.
Darlene, Southern USA, Methadone
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10 Years on Methadone
He is doing well and after his RDD surgery, I became pregnant. How blessed we were and all possible because of RDD.
SP, California, Methadone
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3 Years on 78 MG of Methadone
I would like to say thank you to Jeanne and all the staff at RDD.
DDM, Alabama, Methadone
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I Have No Cravings, Not Even in Tobacco
I often think of writing but it’s hard to find words. The strength I found in overcoming proves to be what I draw from daily.
Rebecca, Arizona, Suboxone®
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27 Years of Opiate Use
Just wanted to give you all a big thanks over there in Livonia at RDD.
C.B., Minnesota, Methadone
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I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am at Today
You have been great throughout my whole process.
D.M., Alabama, Methadone
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Does Not Feel the Need for Any Additional Prescribed Meds
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of the staff at RDD for the care and compassion that was extended to my son Kevin and to myself during our stay in Michigan several weeks ago.
J.B., Arizona, Methadone
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Woke up This Morning and Thanked God out Loud
Please know how much we appreciate everyone there at RDD. Everyone was extremely professional and helpful in all areas. The massage therapist, Joanne, was exceptional.
S.S., Mississippi, Methadone
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We Have Our Son Back!
We have our son back! He laughs, smiles, sings, talks, has energy, is working and living a very normal life.
S.G., Opana, Indiana
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My Experience Left Me with a Renewed Feeling
I never imagined in a million years that such a heart-felt place existed! My experience (though INTENSE) left me with a renewed feeling of hope and joy for the human race.
A.M., Florida, Roxycodone
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35 Tramadols a Day for 8 Years
Just letting you know that I have received the email and my wonderful, supportive husband is the one dispensing all meds at this time- he has it all written down on a nice schedule.
K.V., Minnesota, Tramadol
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Treated Us with Respect and Caring
You all demonstrated that you understand when someone has a problem with drugs, it does not make them bad people.
Zach T and Family, New York
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Detoxed off 130 MG Methadone in One Hour
My name is Erik I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I started on opiates for doctors orders which was “ok” i guess at first but then before i knew it became an obsession with every drug in the book.
Erik, Pennysylvania, Methadone
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I Don’t Use Opiates or Really Ever Think Too Much about Them
You are such a good person and an inspiration. I am thinking this last little part of my situation is more circumstantial and insomnia related than anything.
Rebecca, Arizona, Suboxone®
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RDD Is a Life-Saver, Pure & Simple
Diane S, New York, Fentanyl Patch
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He Has an Ambitious Streak in Him Now
He has an ambitious streak in him now that didn’t exist when he was using.
Cher, Washington, Methadone
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I Detoxed off of 360 MG of Methadone
The RDD center is no joke. I detoxed off of 360 mg of methadone. I was on methadone for 8 years. The experience there was wonderful.
Alan, Florida, Methadone
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1,200 MG of Morphine
I want to thank everyone at RDD for being the real deal! It’s a little scary in this world trying to find help and put your total trust into strangers for saving your life.
GP, Minnesota, Morphine
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I Couldn’t Stop Taking My Prescription on My Own
I am writing a letter speaking to all of the incredible ways in which you all treated me like a precious patient. I will never forget you all.
A.W., Florida
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Suboxone®is a Killer, Plain and Simple
To all thinking of going on Suboxone®…..Suboxone®is a killer, plain and simple. I lost my wife of 8 years to the severe depression caused by withdrawal from this drug.
G.B., Colorado, Suboxone®
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I Will Never Eat Another Pain Pill as Long as I Live
Jeanne- I wanted to thank all of you at RDD, you have definitely changed my life. I am doing really well, I finally started sleeping well, just like you said it just took some time.
Michael, Alaska, Morphine
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You Saved My Life
I want to thank all of you. It takes really great people to do what you all do. I have my life back and my daughter has her mom back!!!
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21 Year Addiction
No one on your staff made me feel like some kind of junkie. I greatly appreciate everything you did for me.
Shannon, North Carolina, Pain Meds
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900 MG Hydrocodone a Day
My husband over the years had become hooked on opiates..(hydrocodones, etc..) He started taking them due to the intense back pain he has incurred from several accidents. Long story short, he has been taking them for many years 6 to 7, and the drug caused him to have to take more than he was prescribed just to function a somewhat normal day.
WJ, Georgia, Hydrocodone
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Everyday Opiate User to Heroin
I was an everyday opiate user for years and eventually graduated to heroin. RDD brought me back to life.
TH, New York, Heroin
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There Is Life after Addiction
Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am that your facility exists and that there IS life after addiction.
C.B., Minnesota, Methadone
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Brand New Life Drug Free
We were at the end of our lives. Ya’ll treated us with so much love and kindness, that alone helped us so much with the detox.
Anonymous, Heroin
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Husband of Opiates Patient
Her life was ruled and lead by what time it was – every 2 hours she was forced to reach for something.
Neil M., New Jersey, Kadian, Percocet, Actiq
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I Am so Happy and Grateful That I Found Your Clinic
I am already feeling better than I have in ages.
Katie W., Michigan, Methadone
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Entered a Methadone Clinic After 8 Years of Opiates
Doing Rapid Drug Detox was the best and hardest decision I have ever made.
Elena, Virginia, Methadone
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Doctors Here Are Quick to Prescribe Hydrocodone and Oxycontin
Life has finally become normal again. No more anxiety for the family about what trouble will find Brian. The best news of all is that he is a changed person. We are getting to know the real Brian again.
Cheryl, Oregon, Hydrocodone and Oxycontin
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Another Sober Year
As I enter another sober year I want to express to you all my gratitude for the gift you gave me in July 2008.
Christy, Ohio
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Saved Me from Killing Myself
That initial phone call I made saved me from killing myself and that is gospel.
Pam, Kentucky
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Celebrated One Year Clean on the 14th
I celebrated 1 year clean on the 14th!!!! Things are continuing to go great.
Joe, Methadone
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I Thought the Methadone Clinic Was My Answer
It’s been 3 weeks since my detox & every day is a gift to me.
AC, Indiana, Methadone
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8-Year Vicodin User
You just have to want it. What a small price to pay to lift such a heavy burden. Thanks again Jeanne and to everyone at RDD.
Joe, Vicodin
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Clean for 1 Year and 2 Months
I am from Phoenix, AZ and I have my life back. I have been clean for 1 year and 2 months now.
Tommy, Arizona
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I’ve Found Joy in My Life
You have blessed me with the amazing work you do, with your kindness, help and care…
TP, New York, Vicodin
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RDD Is a Blessing
It’s been one month since we were there. I am writing this to all involved in my son’s procedure.
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Ex-Heroin and Methadone User
It’ll be a year on July 15th, 2009 and I am a new person and still clean and sober thanks to RDD.
ES, New York, Heroin and Methadone
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Thank You for All the Aftercare
I’d like to thank you for all the aftercare because without all your help I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am.
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I Never Thought a Medical Staff Could Be so Kind
I never thought a medical staff could be so kind. Jeanne was so helpful, kind and knowledgeable.
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13 Years Using Heroin, Methadone, and Other Opiates
Being a drug addict, especially a heroin addict is such a painful way to exist, a dark pit of despair.
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How Strange It Is That I Felt I Needed the Drugs
How strange it is that I felt I needed the drugs to cope. Now I know that it was the drugs that made my life unmanageable.
Joe, Texas
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$15,000 a Month OxyContin Habit
You not only saved my life but you gave my six year old son the chance to have the father he deserves.
CJ, Alabama, Oxycontin
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Heroin, Methadone, and Other Opiates User for 13 Years
Before I came to RDD, I’d been through 7 rehabs and had been using heroin, methadone, and other opiates for 13 years.
B.J., Heroin and Methadone
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I’m a Whole New Person Methadone Free
All of my emotions have returned, and so have all of my friends I blocked out of my life while on that horrible drug.
D.G., North Carolina, Methadone
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I Ended up like Most People at a Methadone Clinic
That’s when I found you guys and you truly saved my life in a way I never thought could happen.
Mistie, Alabama, Methadone
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6 Months Clean from Pain Medications
Our daughter came into the clinic on August 11th and had the procedure on the 13th. We are celebrating over 6 months of being clean from pain medications.
Karen, Oklahoma, Pain Medication
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I Have Not Had Any Return of Opiate Cravings
I wanted to get in touch with some of the staff at rapid drug detox, especially Jeanie, to let everyone know I am doing very well.
Christy, Ohio
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My Life is Normal after 20 Years
It’s been 4 weeks today and my life is normal after 20 years. I love myself again. Thanks to all the staff that helped save my life!
Rick, Kentucky, Opiates
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I Am Feeling Wonderful!
I just wanted to email you all to say Thank You for everything. It has been 1 month since my procedure and I am feeling wonderful!
AG, Colorado
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18 Months Opiate Free
While life has presented me with many opportunities for relapse, I am continually shocked and amazed that not only have I not relapsed with any chemical…
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The Program Has Changed My Life Completely for the Better
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I am on top of the world two weeks after the procedure.
Tami, Georgia
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18 Months Clean
Just wanted to update you on Jordan – he is doing well and is leaving for his 2nd deployment (Sadir City this time).
A Mom, Texas
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800 MG of OxyContin a Day
Tom searched on ways to detox from this horrible medication, OxyContin, and decided the rapid detox procedure was the way to go.
Joann, Oxycontin
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An Affordable Favor
This is for all you out there that are thinking you can’t afford to do this thing. If you are reading this you are halfway there.
Michael, South Illinois
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Don’t Trade One Habit for Another
Come to Rapid Drug Detox. They will help you instead of trading a pretty bad habit for a terrible habit with methadone.
DK, Washington, Methadone
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5 Years on Methadone, 135 MG a Day
I’m proud to say that I have my life back and my ball and chain are a thing of the past. Only bad part is that I wished I would have done this years ago, but today is a good day to be alive and opiate free.
Wesley, Methadone
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Eight 40 MG OxyContins per Day
It’s been nine days since my procedure and I’m already working out, back at work, and attending NA diligently. I feel as though I have finally been released from my personal prison of using.
Denise, Florida, Oxycontin
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Injecting 800 MG of OxyContin for Past Year
I am 9 days clean today and cannot believe that I am sitting here alive today at the very young age of 28 feeling the joys of life AGAIN!
C and J, North Carolina, Oxycontin
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Sincerely Appreciate
I sincerely appreciate the current words of encouragement from you Jeanne, and the past advise from all the Doctors.
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A New Man
Jeff is a new man and I get to see it happen as his potential comes to fruition.
Lee, Minnesota
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Heroin Addiction
This is the answer! The doctors and nurses were the most wonderful caring people I or my son have ever met. This is the right way to detox forever. We have experienced this first hand. The best and final way to get off drugs.
Elaine, Pennysylvania, Heroin
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I Was Getting Pills from 4 Doctors, and It Still Wasn’t Enough
This addiction consumed me until I said, “this is it, you either get clean or this addiction is going to take you.” I got on the Internet searching for rehabs and treatment centers, there were thousands and they were all $15,000 to $20,000 dollars, I wanted help bad but I didn’t have that kind of money, also no one really seemed like they cared that much. Until I found rapiddrugdetox.com.
Chelsea, Oregon, Oxycontin and Methadone
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10 Months Free of Opiods
I am going on my 10th month of being completely free of any use of opiods or any other altering substances.
Lisa, Connecticut
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He Is Doing Better than I Thought He Would
I would just like to say thanks for everything that you have done for Doug.
Susan, Washington
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In 20 Minutes I Was Detoxed
I was bed ridden almost 14 years. My medication no longer worked. I was on heavy doses of methadone and also duragesic patches. I knew I had to do something soon because I was slowly hibernating and was practically on my death bed. I checked out several clinics -money was not a factor. But deceit is. Not only is this the lowest price clinic, it is a godsend. I got my life back.
J.L., Florida, Methadone and Duragesic Patches
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My Life Was Completely Consumed with the Pills
I know it has only been a couple of days for me since the procedure, but even though I am feeling sluggish at times, I have not had withdrawal symptoms and feel I am getting better day by day.
Gene, Iowa
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Everyday Oxycodone / Hydrocodone User
I become a consistent, everyday oxycodone/hydrocodone user. I was a dead man if I did not get off these drugs and having tried on my own, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure.
David, Massachusetts, Oxycontin and Hydrocodone
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Daily Dose of Methadone Was 120 MG
I did the one thing only a survivor can do. I got myself out of a “burning house” and called Rapid Drug Detox and that decision literally saved my life.
Doug, Washington, Methadone
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Methadone Addict
You were truly used by God to change a life and make it whole and complete. Thank you for being available at all times and thank you for being selfless. Words cannot express our gratitude.
S. and J., Missouri, Methadone
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I Have Not Had Withdrawal Symptoms
I know it has only been a couple of days for me since the procedure, but even though I am feeling sluggish at times, I have not had withdrawal symptoms and feel I am getting better day by day.
Robert S.
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People Make the Difference
With word’s alone I cannot tell you how important you were in my recovery.
R.F., Washington
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6 Year Morphine Habit
I owe it all to the Rapid Detox Center. They saved my life, literally. Call Jeanne, You will never talk to a wiser, more sympathetic, encouraging person in you life, regarding your opiate struggles.
Steve A., Wisconsin
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I Became Addicted to Opiates, Mainly Vicodin
I became addicted to opiates. I knew I was killing myself. I was at my wits end until I found the Rapid Detox Center. It has been three weeks now since my procedure at the clinic. I am my old self again. Happy, full of energy. I love life again. Thank you all who were involved with my procedure. You all were wonderful. I truly thank you from the bottomed of my heart.
Robert, Vicodin
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Some Days I Would Take 50 – 80 Pills
I started using Percodan in my early 20s to help me sleep when the cocaine ran out.
Robert, Florida, various pain medication
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Unaware of the Vast Amounts of Vicodin He Was Taking
For a long time (about 10 years), my son was taking more than his fair share of vicodin. I am thankful that my son had the courage to admit his addiction and ask for help. I am so grateful to every staff member that we dealt with, from the office staff to Jeanne and our caregiver Quang. Thank you so much.
Jana M., Texas, Vicodin
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Recommend RDD Center
I was put at ease and reassured that this Rapid Detox was going to be exactly what I needed to stop the insane pharmacy roller coaster ride I was on.
L.M., Connecticut
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Methadone Addict for 4¾ Years
I have been recently struggling with an addiction. I went online about a month ago and found this wonderful place called Rapid Drug Detox, we immediately set up an appointment. Today is my 8th day drug free and life feels so different. I am so happy to be alive and free. If you know anyone struggling with opiate addiction, don’t even think twice then to tell them about my miracle and Rapid Drug Detox.
Joel, Oklahoma, Methadone
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It Feels Great Not to Wake, Think and Sleep for Medication / Pills
I wanted to submit a testimonial as it has been just shy of 30 days and I am happier and stronger than ever.
Kim, Arizona
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Daughter and Wife Both Addicted to Doctor Prescribed Pain Meds
It’s been a year and a half now since my daughter, and a year and three months since my wife were both rehab from pain meds.
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Finally Free from My OxyContin Addiction
The Rapid Drug Detox Center was wonderful. Thanks to all of you!! All of you were very professional, you made me feel very comfortable and I never felt scared or was ever treated like an addict. You really care. I am finally free of this nightmare and I feel so relieved.
H.B., California, Oxycontin
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Taking 20 Vicodin a Day
If you want to quit, call these people. Not only are the cheapest in the country that I could find, but they are the most caring, thorough, professional people I have ever met in the health care industry. And believe me… I’ve seen a lot of physicians. Even a month after the procedure, I still get calls to check to see how we’re doing. I can’t thank these people enough. The made the impossible, possible. Thanks a million Rapid Drug Detox!
Jon, Wisconsin, Vicodin
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I Was on 240 MG of Methadone
I was on 240 mgs of Methadone. I spent all my days in bed went through a divorce because of all this. Now get ready for the good news… They saved my life. No withdrawals, personal contact with your nurse-and privacy.
Mary, Florida, Methadone
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