Rapid Drug Detox Center

We are the most highly recognized and respected drug treatment center in the country. We have a stellar reputation and are an industry leader in the field of rapid drug detoxification. We are the only facility to offer the RDD Method®, a ground-breaking, effective, anesthesia, detoxification from opiates including Suboxone, Methadone and Heroin.

We offer the most innovative, advanced, affordable, and confidential anesthesia detoxification treatment in the country. Patients travel to us from all over the country to receive our revolutionary treatment. There are very few programs offering an effective remedy. Rapid Drug Detox is an affordable way to help free oneself from opiate drug addiction.

RDD Center offers affordable and effective ways to comfortably regain your life, a life free of opiate addiction. The RDD Method® of Drug Addiction Treatment using FDA approved medications is successful in lessening withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting opiate drugs.
– Medical Professional

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