What is Rapid Drug Detox?

Rapid Drug DetoxRapid Drug Detox is a safe and effective anesthesia drug detox procedure to detox patients from opiate dependence greatly reducing suffering and withdrawal symptoms.

The RDD Method®Rapid anesthesia detoxification uses infusion of FDA approved intravenous medications to quickly remove the opioids from the opiate receptors in the body. These receptors are where opioids attach and create the feeling of euphoria and pain relief. Naltrexone Therapy is initiated immediately post procedure to ensure that the opiate drugs will not re-attach to the ‘now clean’ opiate receptors.

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The RDD Method® of opiate anesthesia detox was developed by the RDD Center, a private, confidential drug addiction treatment center. The benefits of The RDD Method® are many…

After the opiate detoxification, the patient is clean and the worst of the withdrawal is over. Our patients report that The RDD Method® eliminates most of the pain and suffering associated with typical opiate withdrawal.

It is quick. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes of light, general anesthesia.

Thorough screening of your medical history and extensive medical and psychological evaluations are administered by the RDD Center medical staff to ensure that you are a healthy candidate for rapid opiate detox.

It is exclusive. Our patients travel from all over the world, because we are the only providers of The RDD Method®.

It is affordable. RDD Center offers several drug detox programs that are extremely cost effective. We accept all major credit cards and/or debit cards.

The RDD Method® is a powerful first step toward a lifetime of freedom from addiction. Find out more by contacting the Rapid Drug Detox Center to speak with an experienced, professional nurse or intake coordinator.

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