I was on 240 MG of Methadone

My experience with this clinic was excellent… All the clinics I researched were $15,000.00 to 18,000.00… This clinic is the most affordable-I defy you to match $8,500.00… I was on 240 mgs of METHADONE. I spent all my days in bed went through a divorce because of all this. Now get ready for the good news… They saved my life.

I am drug free and clean. I am 44 years old and feel like I’m 18 years old again. I dropped two sizes, hate my bed, love, and laugh everyday. My life is so full of joy now. I have a daughter and a son and they are amazed at what I do. For the first time I can see clearly. I never knew how out of control I was. I found and saw things I never knew I had. The energy is incredible. I am not here to sell you on this clinic. I am making you aware that people are knocking this clinic in order to obtain your business. Every drug additionally that you detox the more the price goes up everywhere else. You are working with a team of professionals. Take my word for it. They will not leave you. The after care goes on. The nurse calls you to see how you are… I am ALIVE again… Every day is beautiful for me. They gave me non-opiate medication to help with sleep, which I don’t need anymore-AND THEY GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK!!!!! AMEN!!!

No withdrawals, personal contact with your nurse-and PRIVACY. Trust me I know. All I can tell you is I did the research, I was so well taken care of. If you have children or a spouse please do it for them. Most of all do it for yourself. Please understand, I was on 240MG’S OF METHADONE. Do it once and do it right. May God bless you in making the most important decision!!!!



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