Doctors Here Are Quick to Prescribe Hydrocodone and Oxycontin

Dear Jeanne,

Brian is my son, and he completed treatment with you early April, 2010.

I know he had some contact with you within the 2 week period following treatment, but I don’t know if you have heard from him since then. I wanted to let you know his treatment was successful. The time has gone by rather quickly and I noticed improvements nearly every day. He feels good and says he never has any drug cravings.

One of the biggest changes with Brian was that he quit asking for money. What a relief. When he was drugging, he had a million excuses why he needed money. He had not been able to work in about 4 years, and last week he got a job doing what he loves. He is even getting overtime, and though he is tired and sore, he is excited about going to work every day. Life has finally become normal again. No more anxiety for the family about what trouble will find Brian. The best news of all is that he is a changed person. We are getting to know the real Brian again.

He told his Kaiser Permanente doctors about your treatment program and it seemed like they didn’t believe him. There are so many people in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon with an addiction to pain killers. The common belief is that either methadone or Suboxone® is the cure. Of course, there is big money to be made if you run a methadone clinic because the money could be coming from the patient or insurance for over a year and some never get off the juice.

Part of the problem is that the doctors here are quick to prescribe hydrocodone and oxycontin. Brian told me that when his back problem started, the doctor turned the computer monitor toward him to show him the list of drugs and asked him what he wanted. This man had been our family doctor for years and I trusted and respected him. I was shocked to find out the patient was in charge instead of the doctor.

Since your treatment helped my son so much and there are so many needing help in this area, I am hoping you will consider some form of advertising. There aren’t many people here who have heard of your treatment and you were not easy to find on the web when I discovered you.

I found you on the web it was because I am very persistent and I had also seen something about the anesthesia method of detox on one of the television network news shows several years ago. Would you be willing to contact 60 Minutes or 20/20 to get your information out to the public? Has your local television station or newspaper done a story about your clinic? When your life changes this much, it makes a person want to spread the word. Of course I don’t run with a drug crowd, so I don’t know a way to get the word out. Brian has told his drug friends about the treatment, but funding is a big problem for them. I learned from my research that your detox program is a bargain considering its success rate and price.

If you opened a clinic on the west coast, you could help a lot of people. Word spreads quickly when something works so well. The drug problem is what is referred to as the I-5 corridor. Heroin is coming from Mexico and is distributed all along the freeway to British Columbia. I am emailing an article from about this.

What can Brian and I do to spread the word about your clinic? Telling a few people around town just doesn’t seem to be effective.

Finally, I want to thank you for being there for our family. When I contacted you in March, I hoped Brian would be able to overcome addiction, but I had no idea how it would actually feel to be relieved of all the stress that goes along with having a family member addicted to drugs.

Cheryl J.


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