Why Us? All patients are admitted into a private facility for the detoxification procedure.

why us RDD Center is a drug-addiction treatment facility helping people detox from opiate dependence, greatly reducing pain and suffering with a private, safe drug detox procedure.

Our reputation for excellence, our stellar safety record, the strict confidentiality with our very private setting and our exclusively developed and innovative RDD Method® of treatment have enabled us to maintain our top position as a national leader in the field of anesthesia assisted opiate detoxification. Our patient's safety, confidentiality and comfort are our top priority. We are America's premier rapid anesthesia detox center.

Traditional Rehab vs The RDD Method

We have received thousands of calls and treated hundreds of patients voicing concerns about common detox methods many have already experienced. The hundreds of stories we have heard from patients that have experienced the out-dated and dangerous methods being used routinely within most traditional detox facilities throughout the country have raised concern. Patients with opiate addictions are routinely being treated in psychiatric facilities with protocols using out-dated and addicting opiate replacement medications calling this a detox treatment. These facilities and doctors making claims of rapid detox when the fact of the half-life of such medications do not support their detox protoccol. Many drug addiction treatment centers employ staff that are not medically knowledgeable and inexperienced. We have serious concerns about the lack of proper monitoring by traditional rehab facilities during this potentially dangerous process. We also feel it is neither a psychiatric issue nor a character flaw that causes a person to continue to use opiate drugs, but for most it is simply the fear of the pain and suffering of withdrawal.

Patients who have completed our opiate detox program report that The RDD Method® of detoxification eliminates most of their physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. We offer affordable and effective ways to safely and comfortably gain control of your life, a life free from the bondage of opiate addiction. Read success stories from our clients.

RDD Center can safely help you.
The procedure was first developed at the University of Austria. Israel physicians started offering it as an opiate addiction treatment and then it was offered in the United States. Since then, The RDD Method® is unique and our vast experience has enabled us to modify and improve the treatment, reducing the duration of the anesthesia detoxification which is much safer. The RDD anesthesia procedure is typically under 1 hour, addressing concerns about time spent under anesthesia. After the detoxification procedure, patients will have continued monitored heavy sedation in the recovery room. Long periods under anesthesia is not necessary for this treatment and could cause unnecessary serious complications. Some of our past patients have expressed a desire to talk with others thinking of coming in for treatment. If this would interest you, please let us know.

RDD Center will ensure that The RDD Method® is right for you.
Prior to the actual anesthesia procedure, you'll come to the facility for a thorough medical evaluation and history, physical exam, EKG, blood work, and urinalysis. Anesthesia does have associated risks, especially for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and epilepsy.

You'll meet with our board certified anesthesiologist about the procedure itself.

Your total stay required for The RDD Method® of anesthesia detoxification, including the facility stay will be 3 days. Once you are back home, our physicians and nurses are only a phone call away, and they will follow your progress up to a year.

The RDD Method® is Affordable.
Many have discovered that treatment at RDD Center is more affordable than other drug treatments.

We do accept all major credit cards and/or debit cards for payment.

RDD Post Procedure Care:
Our center employs approximately 20 specially trained paramedics, EMT's and nurses. Each patient is closely monitored by our expert and compassionate medical staff in a safe, confidential and peaceful environment. All of our patients stay at the same hotel once they are discharged from the detox facility. Highly trained Paramedics will always be available and will remain on the premises of the hotel before and after patients are discharged from the surgery center to carefully monitor our patients while they rest. This enables us to provide excellent care to every patient in a private and peaceful setting before and after the detoxification procedure.

The treatment will require a 3 day stay and patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member that will stay with them. This person will be considered the patient's 'caregiver'. If patients are unable to bring someone with them, they will be required to hire 24 hour nursing services which we provide with our very qualified medical staff. Patients will never be left alone while at the hotel resting.

Once the patient's anesthesia detox procedure is completed, they will receive the Naltrexone Injection or Implant/pellet. Patients are then transferred to the 'recovery room' area where they will be closely monitored 'one-on-one' until they are ready to go to the 'post recovery area' for the rest of the night. Our physician remains with the patients at the facility the entire night. Once discharged from the facility the following morning, they will be accompanied back to their hotel. Our trained and experienced medical staff are very helpful in advising the caregiver about the patient's care and answering any questions the caregiver may have.

Our physician will visit the patients daily at the hotel, after discharge from the licensed surgical center.

The RDD treatment will also provide support and expert care from experienced and licensed Paramedics that will be staying at the hotel 24 hours a day while patient rests. Patients and their caregivers will have access to them at all times. They will only be steps away and will monitor the patient by stopping by the room and be immediately available should the patient need anything or should their caregiver have any questions.

The next few days will be a time of rest for the patient, with their caregiver assisting them as needed. Our very knowledgeable head nurse is available 24 hours a day and is only a phone call away. We will stay in touch with the patient and their caregiver, should they have any questions.

Prescriptions can be called into your local pharmacy in your home town. Patients and their family members will have direct access to our knowledgeable staff 24/7. Our patients never have to worry that their calls will go unanswered or ignored. We are always available and will address their needs promptly. We take pride in our expert and compassionate care and we are committed to each and every patient.

"I became a consistent, everyday opiate drug user. Having tried on my own to become drug free, I had reached the point where I knew I simply could not go through it alone. I am a free man today through a combination of this rapid drug detox procedure & the absolute care they gave me for 48 hours after the procedure..."

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