U.S. Epidemic – Prescription Drug Abuse

us epidemic drug abuse

“Approximately 6.1 million Americans abuse or misuse prescription drugs,” according to a 2013 published study. Many think automobile crashes are the culprit but overdoses are the leader of injury related deaths in the United States. As opioid prescriptions are escalating, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug overdose as an epidemic in this country. Reports conclude that the misuse and abuse of prescription medications are on the rise and creating a huge public health problem for our nation. Treatment facilities, emergency room visits, overdose and deaths, place an enormous cost and burden to families, communities, U.S. health providers and the nation. Prescription drug laws, monitoring programs, policy and physician education all need to be overhauled in response to combat this growing national problem in order for drug abuse in the United States to decrease and for our current programs to be more effective.

Trust for America’s Health and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Report